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Based in Nelson, Lancashire, we're specializing in Candid Wedding Photography and Creative professional studio and outdoors photo shoots.

Aside from these two, we thoroughly enjoy being behind the lens, and we're doing just that whenever time allows us for it. Born and raised in Poland, we settled in England roughly 10 years ago and since then we have been learning both the culture and habits of the local people. Equipped with our cameras, we're admiring the beauty of the surrounding countryside whilst hiking out.

Candid Wedding Photography (sometimes also referred to as reportage photography) that we took on in 2014, greatly differs from the all-known casual wedding shooting that has been known for so long now. Why did we choose it then? Well, there's a few reasons for it, but more important question one should ask is 'whether I want the Photographer to tell me what to do with every step I take during MY DAY?' To us, the answer is obvious and it's a 'No!' This is your day and we feel that a photographer should be the last person to be remembered from the Big Day. Contrary to traditional wedding photographers, who tend to control the pace of the events and nag everyone to pose for them, we aim to capture every single important moment of your wedding in a photo-journalistic fashion. This helps us to keep the natural feel of the wedding, which in turn creates a genuine photo-story. We put all the care to browse through your photos and select and process the best of them, to perfectly reflect the moments that you shared together. Once done, it brings out the true you being who you are - the unique couple who created this unique moment just for yourselves.
Contact: Greg
Nelson, Lancashire